The Kelso Energy VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) is extremely durable and will last a long time as it has no drive shaft or gearbox, it also has no brushes, no bushings, and no slip rings. The only moving part it has is one sturdy long life bearing which makes this an ideal product for various applications.
Kelso’s patented design requires very little maintenance and enables the wind blade configuration to capture the maximum HP (horsepower) from wind out of its 360-degree rotation. The Kelso Energy VAWT is proven to be the only viable, reliable wind energy generation solution.
Kelso carries a wide range of Kelso built towers and towers from other manufacturers. We also carry a wide range of inverters, battery charge systems and hybrid wind, solar systems.


  • Environmentally friendly and economically feasible
  • Canadian built
  • Durability tested in Saskatchewan’s harsh winters and hot summers,  from minus 45 C to 40 C
  • 188 tests durability and output
  • 87.5 hours wind tunnel testing


  • Self-starting, low RPM, low decibel, nil vibration, minimal maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly
  • Takes the wind from any direction, including updrafts
  • Unmatched durable design, operates in extreme weather conditions
  • TUV approved (recognized worldwide)


  • Communication towers
  • Remote Off-Grid locations
  • Rural and urban areas
  • Recreational areas, cottages, hunting  and fishing lodges
  • Waste management site
  • Mines
  • Automobile charging stations
  • Offshore eg. abandoned oil drilling sites

Kelso Energy VAWT

Kelso Energy VAWT