Our Vision:

As we enter into the biggest digital growth era known to mankind with annual revenues of over $1,000 billion dollars serving 3.8 – 4.2 billion people with an annual growth of 5%, we are all faced with incredible challenges and difficulties in setting up communication towers in remote and desolate areas. The PRNewswire describes the estimated presence of over 4 million current towers worldwide reaching 5 million by 2020. Within this growth, the two biggest factors that dominate the costliest barrier to deployment in the Telecom Industry are real estate and stable power. In a 20 billion dollar industry very few companies have the ability to move in and answer one of the ongoing concerns of power. Kelso Energy is a company that can step in today and answer the call for these telecom ventures by providing a stable power solution. Diesel generators remain the primary solution for all of these sites and have increasing cost for Cap X monthly, increased maintenance and continued replacement cost every 5 years compounded with pollution and environmental issues. Therefore, all companies are looking for a repeatable affordable solution.

With an innovative, recently redesigned and patented small wind turbine, Kelso Energy stands well positioned to capitalize in the global “Green Energy” market.  Domestic markets are growing with government incentives to reduce or eliminate diesel fuel generation sites in remote areas of the country to provincial power grids allowing their customers to sell their surplus alternative energy production back into their power grid. In addition, foreign markets have also grown from the former large megawatt turbine wind farms to more economical and targeted domestic and small business sectors. Finally, the worldwide telecommunications sector is looking for dependable, economic solutions to power their communication equipment on their off-grid towers.  

Kelso has received significant interest in both the domestic and foreign export markets.  We are currently working on finalizing several Letters of Interest in the USA, Peru and India that will immediately provide our technology the exposure to be a major participant in the global market.

To plan for this, Kelso has recently partnered with a world-class Canadian manufacturer, with manufacturing capabilities in the USA as well, to provide a consolidated, robust supply chain to capitalize on these opportunities.  Kelso maintains all quality control functions ensuring consistent, reliable and tested equipment entering the market place. This outsourced model allows Kelso to maintain its two main advantages:

  • Low cost-point to maintain competitive margins
  • R&D capacity to capitalize on future market needs and trends.

Kelso is currently seeking investors that complement their vision as a low cost, R&D driven business.